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About the Owner...

In 1988 Lisa Kasberg started her career as a Disc Jockey when two members of her family approached her with the idea of joining their DJ Company and becoming one of the few female DJ's in the area.

Within 3 years she perfected her skills as a DJ and became one of the most sought out Disc Jockeys in Southern California. Lisa realized it was time to take the next step and decided to start her own company appropriately called; I'm A Girl DJ Entertainment.

Lisa got very involved in the industry by creating great tools for DJ's across the country to use at their events. Because of her incredible creativity she has been awarded "Female Entertainer of the Year" at the American Disc Jockey awards for three consecutive years.

As of late Lisa has been working exclusively on building her company with an incredible staff of professional DJ’s. They create great relationships with their clients through superior customer service. She and her staff take pride in really personalizing each event as well as creating an atmosphere that is just right for that special day.

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