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Corporate/Special Events

“Lisa with professional Dancing with the Stars dancers Edyta and Alec at the Kern/Direct TV Holiday Party”

Planning a Special Event can be very time consuming. With all the decisions that have to be made, it can become terribly overwhelming. Just when you think you’ve made all the decisions there seems to be one more thing left to do.

Hiring your entertainment is one of the most important decisions you will make for your event. The DJ will be there from the moment you walk in, to the time you leave, making sure you and your guests are having a great time and that everything goes as smooth as possible. Our MC/DJ's are always planning ahead to make sure that there is a constant flow through the course of your evening.

Without a doubt, music is the main focus. We will provide you with a variety of music for all ages. If there is a special song or type of music that you want, let us know. We take special requests and encourage our clients to check off the songs they really like for dancing from our play list. This gives us a feel for the type of music you would like to listen to before we even walk in the door.

At I'M A GIRL D.J. we will help you work out the details concerning the music and any special sequence of events at your party. There are many different things to choose from and you can make it as big or small as you wish.

Enhancing Your Event

Here are a few items that you can add to your event to make the party even more extraordinary. Take a moment to read about these really fun and creative ideas.

Lighting: We have GREAT lighting packages. Each light fixture comes with four colors that move to the beat of the music. Club lighting is a great way to enhance the dance floor.

Giveaways: We’ve got sunglasses, hats, maracas, head bobbers, flashing rings, necklaces and so much more! If your plan is to have an “interactive” night than giveaways are a must. Pick four kinds of giveaways you like the best and we will pass them out at your party while the dance floor is packed.

Black Light Show: Want a combination of great lighting and giveaways that glow in the dark? This is a step up from just a regular lighting and giveaway package. If you are tired of seeing the same old thing at your event and want to take your party to the next level, ask about our Black Light Show.

Glow sticks and Blinking Lights: Want even more light on the dance floor? How about necklaces that glow in the dark or blinking lights that flash. You and your friends will be glowing and blinking all night long.

Dancers: We have the best Dancers in Southern California. If you think some of your guests might need a little encouragement then this a great package for you. Our Dancers will interact with your guests on the dance floor teaching all styles of dance.

Game Show Mania: Do you have prizes to give away? Then the Game Show package is a perfect choice. This is the ultimate way to give away prizes without calling out endless numbers from raffle tickets. We bring in an actual game show with 2 player positions a la Family Feud. Choose from general trivia, sports and entertainment trivia or we can personalize it and create trivia related to your company.

Dancing with the Stars: I’m a Girl DJ’s latest and greatest package. It is by far one of the most fun and interactive parties we do. This is an event in itself which includes dance instruction with our professional dancers from Fox Trot to Mambo. Our centerpiece for the evening is our own Dancing with the Stars competition. It also includes a really cool mirror ball trophy. Call the office for more details.

Our main goal is to create a special and unique event for you each year. Our clients continue to hire us knowing that are staff is truly creative with fresh new ideas to bring to the table for your next event.


Our Client List

Central Health

The Kern Organization

Direct TV

Cedar Sinai Medical Center

Washington Mutual

Big Canyon Country Club

Kaiser Permanente

Vons Credit Union

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

Southern California Edison

Ralphs Supermarket

The Feldhake Law Firm

Downey GMC/Pontiac


John Aaroe and Associates

Prudential Reality

Los Angeles Magazine

Pacific Surgicenter




Robert_Feldhake_Law__Firm.jpg Dear Lisa

There are times when I do not know what to say, hard as that may be to believe, but the efforts you put in on Saturday night almost take me to that point. You are the perfect “master of ceremonies” by reason of your graciousness, presence, ability to keep the evening moving, and the quality of talent you bring to every event. The three roller-dancers were extraordinary and set the stage couple with you to really get the evening going after dinner. The screen set-up, the displays, the music, the staging, everything was just perfect.

You have been a good friend, make that an excellent friend to all of us, and your sincerity in wanting these evenings to go forward in the best possible way is never overlooked. It is great to be able to write to you and say that you have made it a success each and every time. You are beyond a pleasure to work with, and you have always made it special for everyone. So, thank you again for simply yet another great job on Saturday night.

Very truly yours,

Robert J Feldhake

The Feldhake Law Firm, APC

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