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Although the name says “I’m a Girl DJ Entertainment” we do have some fabulous male DJ’s working for our company. Take some time to read a little something about each of our performers. We have a fabulous team of DJ’s to fit all occasions. Our DJ’s are handpicked to compliment your personality and the essence of your special day.


Damian Cecere has spent the last 10 years of his life as a professional DJ and MC in Southern California and has worked for our company since 2000. Always musically inclined he played several instruments through college until transitioning to DJing after his schooling.Damian is known for his tremendous knowledge of all types of music from Classic Rock to Hip-Hop, Disco to electronica. Additionally, his MCing has a wonderful spontaneity to it and a fun and lively sense of humor to add to each and every event.


Brian has been a professional DJ for over 12 years.  He started out spinning vinyl at his home town skating rink and then segued into the “Event Industry” DJing weddings, mitzvah, kids’ parties and corporate events.  He has an expansive knowledge of all types of music and an incredible mix master.

He will make you feel at ease from the very first interview right down to the very last moment of your event.  Brian’s undeniable commitment is to create a fantastic event for you and your guests.

Dru Solari

Dru Solari has been DJing for over 20 years and has worked for our company for 10 years. He is a true Master of Ceremonies and fantastic DJ. His specialties are Weddings and Corporate events. What makes Dru stand out is his outstanding professionalism coupled with a wonderfully light hearted personality that always brings a smile to his clients and guests attending his events. From the first meeting with Dru until the very last moment of your event you will find only a great excitement as he transforms your day into a spectacular event.



Rebecca Desidero

Rebecca Desiderio started entertaining at Children's parties when she was 18. She played games, made balloon animals and did face painting. After a short hiatus she returned to the entertainment field in 1999 and incorporated her previous experience with children into her craft as a DJ. She then expanded her abilities and developed a wonderful skill for entertaining at Weddings and Corporate events. She has a tr

ue passion for what she does and enjoys helping people celebrate the most memorable times of their lives!


DJ Dayna
DJ Dayna
Whether it’s behind the DJ booth or out on the dance floor, Dayna’s endless energy will make sure the party never stops!

While in college Dayna not only hit the books but she hit the local clubs and fell in with several area mic-masters. The excitement and creativity she found behind the turntables was exhilarating and soon she started spinning in those same local clubs and at area events

Dayna is new to the company, but comes with 6 years of experience as a DJ/MC for weddings, corporate events, college events, high school and middle school dances, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.  Dayna will instantly put you at ease as she runs through your event’s festivities.

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