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Kid's Events...

Tired of doing or seeing the same old stuff at a kids party? Having I'm a Girl DJ is quite different and a whole bunch of fun! From the moment the kids arrive right up to the end of the party they are engaged. With games like limbo and hula hoop contests to musical chairs, scavenger hunt and hot lollipop the kids are having a blast. Dance routines are just as fun. We play the electric slide and cha cha slide. As well as the all famous YMCA, conga line, grease lighting, time warp and freeze dance. For the younger kids the chicken dance, hokey pokey and Macarena are really popular too!


The best part about having I'm a Girl DJ at your child's party is that it will allow you to attend, take pictures and video and not miss one minute of it. That's what it's all about. Call us for a quote.

One person show includes an MC/DJ with sound system. The MC/DJ will play music, do contests and teach dance routines. This package is for a party with less than 25 children.

Two person show includes an MC and DJ with sound system. The DJ will play the music while the MC does contests and teaches dance routines etc. This package is best suited for a party with over 25 children.


Natalie’s Birthday Party

Dear Lisa,

Thank YOU for helping make the party such a success. Your gentle guidance - knowing when to encourage and when to step back - as well as your infectious enthusiasm helped bring everyone together and put them at ease. Natalie had a great time - and so did her friends. You're truly talented at what you do. We appreciate it!


Isabel Storey

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